Social studies library

The social studies library is open Mon-Fri 10-18. 

25.06 - 5.07  10-14
8.07 - 11.08 CLOSED
12. - 30.08  10-14
(19. - 20.08 closed)

The social studies library was established in January of 2012 by joining the libraries of the former Institute of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, and European College.

The library contains literature on journalism, public relations, communication, sociology, social politics, social work, political science (incl. European Union), psychology of public administration, pedagogics, and history.

Terms of use

  • The books are normally available to be borrowed for one month by all readers of the UT library, publications which are necessary for an entire semester can also be borrowed for longer.
  • Student works, reference literature, statistical materials and media surveys are available for on-site use only.
  • Readers will be served based on the university library card or ID-card, in the absence of these, the publications can only be used on-site.
  • The catalogue is available on ESTER, the online shared catalogue of Estonian libraries.
  • Deadlines can be extended online, by logging in to ESTER, as well as by e-mail or phone (see contacts). A reminder will be sent when the deadline has passed. The fine is 10 cents per publication for each day after the deadline.

Student works

  • The library of social studies has paper versions of student works from the specialties of journalism and communication, public administration, information and document management, political science and library science, information environments, sociology, social politics and social work available for reading on-site. There is also a partial collection of master’s theses defended at the European college, and Master’s theses from the sociology, social work and social politics 3+2 Master’s curriculum (more information available from the librarian)
  • Some theses are also available in digital form through DSpace, the UT digital archive. Midterm papers in psychology from the year 2004 are also available upon request.

Services at the library

  • scanning - 2 cents/page;
  • black-and-white printing - 7 cents/page;
  • A4 copy - 5 cents/page;
  • A3 copy - 10 cents/page;
  • Possibility to use a computer.

Books donated by Marju Lauristin and Peeter Vihalemm

New books in the 2021/2022 academic year