The resilience of society is inextricably linked to social structures and individual agency. Hence why it is important to study social changes in addition to traditional sociological fields of study, such as social stratification, class, mobility, religion, gender, deviations. In addition to changes in the structures and processes in society, we also examine coping with social risks and problems, while helping to find solutions.

We at the Institute of Social Studies engage in examining social risks and problems and mapping solutions. We are interested in the risks and changes brought on by processes in modern society, such as migration and globalisation, climate change, lack of resources, technological development ant changes in socio-technical systems. Our aim is to support the management of changes in society, based on core values such as ecological and social justice and sustainability.

Currently our scope of sociological studies includes three main fields of research. With resilient and dialogic communities, we are interested in social entrepreneurship, migration and integration, multinationality and service design. We contribute to a culture that values human welfare and self-actualisation by researching the subjective well-being and vulnerability of children, proactive support services, links between health risks and the environment, and the various forms of social aggression and violence. For a sustainable society and state, we consider it important to examine processes on a micro, meso and macro level; cybercrime and major migrations.

In addition to creating new, quality expert knowledge, we also consider it important to have a voice in society. This involves the communication of scientific results to society as well as developing a culture of public discussion. To ensure the continuity of research, we include undergraduate students in research projects and studies.



Principal fields of research:

  • Social well-being and social politics
  • Sociology
  • Resilient community
  • Migration and integration
  • Youth and social work

Research projects which tackle sociology include...

How is this applied in the curriculum?

Seeking solutions to social risks and problems is tackled across all curricula through practical student projects. These analyse and offer solutions to societal problems. This is an especially important part of the social work and social politics modules of the “Information Society and Social Well-being” bachelor’s program. Additionally, a new master’s program named “Community Development and Social Well-being” is also in development, which is also aimed at solving social bottlenecks.


Public lecture on the shaping of disinformation by social media architectures


Monitoring of the just transition processes in Ida-Viru County has started

Doctoral defence: Märt Masso „Employment relations in Estonia: employee control, participation and work accommodation in co-determining working conditions“

Doctoral defence: Märt Masso „Employment relations in Estonia: employee control, participation and work accommodation in co-determining working conditions“