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Katja K. Ošljak Ljubljana ülikoolist teeb 14.septembril kell 16.15 Peegli auditooriumis avaliku loengu, mille teemaks on „Media education in the context of mediatized childhood: research of youth's media literacy and media repertoires in Slovenia“. Loeng toimub inglise keeles. 

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Media literacy is an outcome of a complex and multidimensional process of formal and informal media education that involves the continuous formation of diverse competences in multiple social contexts, such as family, peer networks, and schools. Predominantly in these three domains, which are all also mediatized, contemporary children construct unique media practices, behaviours, tastes, and relationships. Children’s media practices and their media and technology-related competences were explored in the research of Youth’s Media Repertoires (ARIS project J5-2564) among 12-15-year-old students from Slovenia.

In my talk I will present selected preliminary results of the qualitative and quantitative studies that brought the gendered character of media practices and the formation of media literacy to the foreground. Also, similar to the outcomes of some previous research, families, and peers seem to provide the most important contexts for the acquisition of media competencies, whereby, peer networks even seem to be an especially relevant factor for broadening media repertoires and testing-out media practices.

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